• The Leakers – 泄密者们[2018]

    The Leakers – 泄密者们[2018]

    Overview: A lethal infectious disease breaks out in Malaysia forcing authorities to administer a new experimental drug manufactured by international pharmaceutical company – Amanah.

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  • Paradox – 杀破狼·贪狼[2017]

    Paradox – 杀破狼·贪狼[2017]

    Overview: 香港警察李忠志(古天乐 饰)得知女儿芝(陈汉娜 饰)于泰国旅游间莫名失踪,即亲赴泰国报警求助。

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  • The Adventurers – 俠盜聯盟[2017]

    The Adventurers – 俠盜聯盟[2017]

    Overview: Infamous thief Dan Cheung (Andy Lau) miscalculated during a heist and was apprehended and imprisoned as a result. Five years later, Cheung enlists his longtime partner Po Chen (Tony Yang) and new recruit Red Ye (Shu Qi) to steal precious jewels in Europe under the watchful eyes of French detective, Pierre (Jean Reno), who has been hot on Cheung’s trails for many years.

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  • Mad World – 一念無明[2016]

    Mad World – 一念無明[2016]

    Overview: A bipolar man, formerly a financial analyst, is placed in the custody of his truck-driver father after being released from a mental hospital. Title: 一念無明 English title: Mad World Genre: Drama Episodes: 1 Broadcast Date:  2017 Mad World – 一念無明[2016]

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  • God of War – 蕩寇風雲[2017]

    God of War – 蕩寇風雲[2017]

    Overview: A maverick commander and a young general join forces to battle pirates who pillage small villages in 16th-century China. The violent clash of wits and weapons will ultimately decide who rules the land. Title: 蕩寇風雲 English title: God of War Genre: Action/History Episodes: 1 Broadcast Date:  2017 God of War – 蕩寇風雲[2017]

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  • Kidnap Ding Ding Don – 绑架丁丁当[2016]

    Kidnap Ding Ding Don – 绑架丁丁当[2016]

    Overview: Don (starring Alex Fong) wakes up in an abundant house and realize can’t remember anything. He then finds a kidnapped girl Dingding (starring Ivana Wong) next to him. In reverse, Dingding threatens and lures him for kidnapping in order to catch her father’s attention.

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  • Meow – 喵星人 [2017]

    Meow – 喵星人 [2017]

    Overview:Wang agrees to care for a girl’s cat to impress her. When he realizes he cannot do the job, a giant cat from space comes to the rescue and helps him care for the smaller feline Title: 喵星人 English title: Meow Genre: Comedy/Family Episodes: 1 Broadcast Date:  2017 Meow – 喵星人 [2017]

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  • 77 Heartbreaks – 原諒他77次 [2017]

    77 Heartbreaks – 原諒他77次 [2017]

    Overview: When Eva ends her ten-year relationship with Adam, he’s shocked by the sudden break-up, not until he read her private journal did he realize that she has suffered 77 heartbreaks. Though unknown to the secret contained in the journal’s torn-out last page, he is determined to win her back. When they finally resolve to start anew, Eva discovers his drunken tryst. Will she pardon him a 78th time? Title: 原諒他77次 English title: 77 Heartbreaks Genre: Romance Episodes: 1 Broadcast Date: […]

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  • Color of the Game – 黑白迷宮 [2017]

    Color of the Game – 黑白迷宮 [2017]

    Overview: Da Hua, Ah Chun and a few others find themselves involved in wild and dangerous adventures when they get caught in a showdown between the China Mainland Police and Hong Kong bandits. Title: 黑白迷宮 English title: Color of the Game Genre: Drama/Crime Episodes: 1 Broadcast Date:  2017 Color of the Game – 黑白迷宮 [2017]

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  • Rob-B-Hood – 宝贝计划 [2006]

    Rob-B-Hood – 宝贝计划 [2006]

    Overview: 故事围绕一个刚出生的宝宝开始。人字拖(成龙 饰)虽有不凡的身手,可是终日沉迷赌博毫无人生目标,便与包租公(许冠文 饰)、八达通(古天乐 饰)一起爆窃,干着偷偷摸摸的犯罪事。城中女富豪(余安安 饰)唯一的孙子出生后,包租公受不了金钱的诱惑,答应把宝宝偷给黑帮老大,以证明BB是否自 己死去的儿子与前女友的孩子。

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  • New Police Story – 新警察故事 [2004]

    New Police Story – 新警察故事 [2004]

    Overview: 陈国荣(成龙 饰)的所在那一组警察是警队精英,破案无数。阿祖(吴彦祖 饰)是总警师的儿子,却勾结了几个高官子弟( 蒋怡丶尹子维丶安志杰丶叶山豪)挑战警方。他们到银行抢劫,警钟敲响警察赶到时,就把阿荣及队员带进了一个早已设计好的空旷仓库里。

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  • Young and Dangerous 5 – 98古惑仔之龍爭虎鬥[1998]

    Young and Dangerous 5 – 98古惑仔之龍爭虎鬥[1998]

    Overview: 1998年,香港回归后发生了天翻地覆的变化。而此时的铜锣湾亦发生了天翻地覆的变化,这个洪兴设陈浩南(郑伊健 饰)揸Fit的地盘来了两个新人物,一个是东升社的司徒浩南(郑浩南 饰),一个是湾仔区的新任高级督察李Sir( 李修贤 饰) 。

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